Damian Reid
Amorvita Inc. Founder & President

As a transformational coach, seminar leader and motivational speaker, Damian has led senior leadership programs helping clients make significant breakthroughs and positive changes in their professional and personal lives. The author of the book Cure ‘Entrepreneurialitis’: 52 Ways to Entrepreneurial FREEDOM, he believes in making a difference by helping people pursue their passions and create the life they love.

Damian’s diverse career includes business consulting, marketing and sales in several industries, including work with Bell Canada, Rogers and Cossette. For over 30 years, Damian has been an entrepreneur since the age of 13. He is a 3rd generation entrepreneur and being entrepreneurially minded, he began coaching small, medium and large organizations providing invaluable training to thousands of people before the age of 40.

Damian Reid founded Amorvita in 2013, to serve business owners with a mission to improve the way entrepreneurs live and work in the world. He has trained business owners worldwide and has created successful leadership programs to help entrepreneurs achieve the freedom they started their businesses to have. To do more of what they love, love what they do and achieve the results they dream of.

Damian’s dedication to seeing small businesses succeed was the driving force behind the idea of creating the Small Business Global Summit, the #1 Virtual Summit for Small Businesses in the World. He is actively pursuing his Top 100 Bucket List this year. You are likely to find him training for a marathon, planning his next diving trip to Micronesia, or planning to see one of the many wonders of the world.

Janice Zeppieri
Karrots Inc. Founder

After receiving her specialized honours degree in Psychology, she’s since built a solid foundation of skills and experience while working as a top executive for various marketing and business consulting companies. Throughout the course of her career she’s worked on and for some recognizable accounts like Ford, TeamBuy, Mircom Group, Vision Group, Cemcorp Ltd., Embassy Grand, and Chateau Le Parc to name a few. Recently, she founded her own boutique agency called Karrots Inc. which is quickly growing as a recognizable marketing agency in Vaughan, ON. Karrots Inc. prides itself on helping organizations within Vaughan and York Region achieve greater levels of success and growth by creating customized targeted marketing solutions that are scalable, responsive, timely and cost effective.

As part of its mandate to help local small business owners and sole proprietors succeed, Janice and her team at Karrots Inc. launched a DIY styled workshop series called Karrots Konfidential. The reason for the name Karrots Konfidential was that its mission is to educate and break the code of silence on what how big agencies work and how they do it without breaking people’s budgets. These workshops are intended to provide business owners of all sizes equal access to marketing best practices and powerful brand strategies. The experts for each segment vary depending on the topic and attendees are guided through a workbook and tools that they can implement into their businesses and reap rewards from right away.

Janice is an extremely talented speaker and coach. Her approach to facilitating and teaching is to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease while addressing some very challenging marketing issues in their business. She has a welcoming and friendly personality which makes her workshops and events really engaging. There’s no doubting her enthusiasm and passion for marketing and one cannot help but leave feeling inspired and excited after hearing her speak.